Provincial Commision

  • Commission for Formation:
  • Br. Benjamin Alphonso- Chairperson
  • Br. Wilson D’Souza- Secretary
  • Br. Sebastian Kinny- Member
  • Br. Rakesh Ghavtya- Member
  • Br. Ronson Mendonca- Member
  • Br. Ronny Vaz- Member
  • Commission for Vocation Promotion:
  • Br. Amol Tuscano- Chairperson
  • Br. Godfrey Dinis- Secretary
  • Br. Prakash Tuscano- Member
  • Br. Sanjay Fernandes- Member
  • Br. Saujanya Dalmet- Member
  • Br. Albert Pegado- Member
  • Br. Isaac D’Souza- Member
  • Commission for Finance and Building:
  • Provincial Minister – Chairperson
  • Br. Albert Gonsalves (Sr) – Secretary
  • Br. Dominic Monteiro- Member
  • Br. Robert Gonsalves- Member
  • Br. Victor Bandya- Member
  • Pastoral Commission:
  • Br. Roland Bendoamar- Chairperson
  • Br. Thomas Fernandes- Secretary
  • Br. Anthony Pereira- Member
  • Br. Rajesh D’Souza- Member
  • Br. Sanjay Fernandes- Member
  • Br. Francis Gonsalves – Member
  • Commission for Justice, Peace and Ecology:
  • Br. Sanjay Fernandes- Chairperson
  • Br. Ramesh Bhoya- Secretary
  • Br. Wilson Gaikwad- Member
  • Br. Leo D’Monty- Member
  • Provincial Education Board:
  • Provincial Minister- President
  • Br. Philip Gonsalves- Chairperson
  • Br. Nilesh Vaz- Secretary
  • Br. Albert Gonsalves (Sr) – Member
  • Br. Victor Bandya- Member
  • Br. Saujanya Dalmet- Member
  • SFO Spiritual Animation:
  • Br. Terence D’Souza- Chairperson
  • Br. Godfrey Dinis- Secretary
  • Br. Prakash Tuscano- Member
  • Editorial Board of Bonavani:
  • Br. Terence D’Souza- Chief Editor
  • Br. Ronson Mendonca- Co-Editor
  • Br. Isaac D’Souza – Member
  • Mission Band:
  • Br. Amrut Fonseca- Chairperson
  • Br. Benjamin Alphonso- Member
  • Br. Wilson D’Souza- Member
  • Br. Nitin D’Souza- Member
  • Province SFO Promoter:
  • Br. Terence D’Souza
  • In-charge of Regents:
  • Br. Benjamin Alphonso
  • In-charge of Ministries for Theologians and Province Vocation Promoter:
  • Br. Amol Tuscano
We have received the following contribution from our Friars and Benefactors
Ms. Victoria Fernandes 1 Lac through Br. Rajesh D’Souza
Mr. Joyson Elambassery 1500/- Through Br. Suhas Firel
Konkani CLC 15000/-
Mr. Chavadiyil A Joseph 5000/-Great Friar Br. Francis Gonsalves
The untimely death of our beloved Br. Francis Gonsalves has saddened us. Br. Francis Gonsalves was a great Capuchin friar who lived a down to earth life. We thank the Lord for the gift of him to our province and we pray that the good Lord show him his countenance and have mercy on him. Br. Francis we will miss you and your fraternal concern always.100% School results:
My heartiest congratulations to the Principal, Management and the staff of the Fatima School, Vidyavihar and Vidyamata School, Osmanabad for the great achievement of having 100% results. The province is proud of your dedicated service, keep up the good work.New website of the Province
I am happy to inform you that we have a new website of the province My heartfelt thanks to Br. Isaac D’Souza who has worked hard to do this great job. God bless you.Subsidy for the formation house
Please note that the Council has agreed to raise the subsidy for all the formation houses to 3000/-. All the stationary expenditures have to be met from this given amount.

Request and Permissions

  • Vidyamata school, Osmanabad is granted permission to repair the old and make new benches for the college.
  • Br. Wilson D’Souza is granted permission to do his dental treatment and to preach a Retreat at the North East
  • Fatima Friary is granted permission to undertake the renovation of Fatima Friary, School & Water tank.
  • Blessed Mother Theresa Church, Hamrapur is given permission to buy a new fridge & TV.
  • Br. Cajetan Pereira, Deacon is granted permission to do his dental treatment.
  • Br. Amrut Fonseca is granted permission to do MA in Marathi through correspondence.

New Entry for De Nobli Campus
We are happy to have a new entrance for our La Verna, Capuchin Theologate, Pune from the main road of the Holy Cross Church, Vadgavsheri.

Committee & Commission of the Province
I exhort all the commission presidents to have their annual meetings regularly and update the council about their plans and work, so far I have received the report from the formation commission.

Friars from Goa Province
Br. Franky Fernandes from Goa Province will be doing his MSW at Nirmala Niketan; he will be staying at St. Ignatius Friary, Mandvi, we wish him a happy stay and success in his studies.

Promotion for studies
Br. Albert Pegado to do a course in Spirituality at Pune.
Br. Ramesh Bhoye to pursue his B Ed studies for a period of two years at Shelti.
We wish them all success in their studies.

Colorful Results
Hearty congratulations to Br. Sebastian Gomes for successfully completing his B. Ed studies. We wish you all the best in your school ministry. Congratulations brother…..!!

Santro (Four Wheeler) to Shelti Mission
The vehicle (Santro) from Fatima School management will be sent to Our Lady of Rosary Church, Shelti.

New vocation Promoter
Br. Amol Tuscano has voluntarily given resignation as the Vocation Promoter of the Province. Br. Prakash Tuscano will be the Vocation Promoter of the Province. We wish him all the best and pray that we may have many more vocations for our congregation.

Land at Uttan
I am happy to inform you that our effort to have a plot of land at Uttan is rewarded by the Lord. We have purchased around 23 guntas land at Dongri on the main road; please pray earnestly so that we may have our presence in this area soon.

College studies
Five of our brothers will be doing their college studies from Capuchin Ashram, Nashik. We wish them all success in their studies.

New Mobile Number
Please note that the new number of Br. Nitin D’Souza will be 09483241982.

This year the ordination of our Brother Deacons will take place at two places. Please keep yourselves available and pray for this great event.
On 31st Oct 2015 at Holy Family Church, Bhuigaon by His Lordship Bishop Thomas Dabre.
On 2nd Jan 2016 at Our Lady of Bethlehem Church, Dongri by His Eminence Cardinal Oswald Gracias. Please keep all our deacon brothers in your prayers.

Province Retreat
The Province retreat is scheduled on 9th Nov to 14th Nov at Assisi Niwas, Provincialate. I exhort all the brothers to be present for this retreat without any excuse. Please block these days in advance and keep yourselves free for this retreat.

Visitation of the Province
I will be beginning my canonical visitation of the province in the month of August and September. I will inform you much in advance about the dates, kindly keep all the documents and other necessary inventories ready so as to have smooth visitation.

Visitation of the Province by Vicar General
Br. Stefan Kozuh, Vicar General will be visiting our province from 7th Dec to 21st Dec 2015. I am sending you the detailed programme of his visitation. On 22nd Dec we have a whole day seminar on the theme “Grace of Working” by Vicar General and on 23rd Dec morning we have a seminar on “Consecrated life”. The seminar will end on 23rd Dec afternoon. I admonish all the brothers to be present for this visitation programme without any excuse.

Br. Longinus Kharja is in the province for his holidays, we wish him a very happy stay. Brs. John Garodi and Boniface Lopes will be coming for holidays in the month of Sept. we wish them all a happy and pleasant stay in the province.

Appointments and Transfers
Br. Leo D’Monte- to be the Guardian and Manager at Hartman Ashram and Vidyamata School, Osmanabad.
Br. Wilson Gaikwad- to be the boarding in Charge and Member at Our Lady of Rosary Mission, Shelti
Br. Walter Pen- to be the Principal at St. Sebastian School and Asst. Parish Priest at Chembur.
Br. Amol Tuscano -to be the Priest in Charge at St. Joseph Church, Katta, Malvan
Br. Albert Gonsalves (Sr)- to be the Vicar at Fatima Friary, Vidyavihar.

Appointments of Deacons
The appointments of our deacon brothers for the ministry will be as follows:
Br. Suresh Alphonso- Our Lady Consoler of the Afflicted Church, Pimpri, Pune
Br. John Mendonca- St. Padre Pio Novitiate, Katta, Malvan
Br. Cajetan Pereira- Fatima Friary, Vidyavihar
Br. Botham Patil- Capuchin Ashram, Nashik
Br. Amol Gonsalves- Sacred Heart Friary, Songaon
Br. Chris Bandya- Blessed Mother Theresa Church, Hamrapur
Br. Leon D’ Britto- St. Peter Church, Devbag

Heartfelt Condolence
My heartfelt sympathy to Br. Amrut Fonseca on the loss of his beloved father Mr. Nazareth, Br. Thomas Fernandes on the loss of his beloved father Mr. Anthony and Br. Wilson Gaikwad on the loss of his beloved mother Hannbai, May the good Lord give them eternal rest. May the family of our brothers feel His consolation at this moment of grief.

Orientations Students
Our province is blessed with 13 candidates who have joined orientation at Latur. We wish them all great and fruitful experience of Capuchin way of life.

No Name Parish Education
1 Ajay Bhajan St. Peter church, Koliwada B.A
2 Alvin Periera St. Joseph Church, Mira-Road B.Com
3 Joel  D’ Souza St. John Church, Mumba HSC
4 Naveel Binduck Our lady of Sea, Uttan HSC
5 Rufas Andrat Our lady of Sea, Uttan HSC
6 Maxwell Kasughar Our lady of Sea, Uttan HSC
7 Flevian Binduck Our lady of Sea, Uttan SSC
8 Precian Dalmet Our lady of Lourdes, Pali SSC
9 Ison Binduck Our lady of Sea, Utta SSC
10 Aniket Munis Our lady of Lourdes, Pali SSC
11 Welcome Pila Our lady of Sea, Uttan SSC
12 Lincan Sankul Our lady of Sea, Utta SSC
13 Bridean Possa Our lady of Sea, Utta SSC

The Next Council Meeting
The next Council meeting will be held on 23rd Sept 2015.

I wish you all a very Happy Feast of St. Bonaventure, the patron of our Province, May his life-example lead us all to walk on the footprints of our Divine Master!

Provincial’s Programme

Date Program
19 Seventh day Mass of Fr. Francis at Umralla
23-26 Visit to Osmanabad and Latur
27-29 Visit at Kholapur and Beed


Date Program
14 CRI Meeting in Pune
27-28 Ordination of Bishop Elect Ambrose Rebello, Aurangabad
28-29 Visit to Hamrapur


Br. Joseph D’Souza
Provincial Minister