“To Pray and To Serve”
Who or What are Secular Franciscans?
The Secular Franciscan Order is an apostolate it is a Franciscan Order approved by the Church. The Secular Franciscans Order is a Way of Life for men and women, married or single, and secular clergy who are called to take an active part in the mission of Christ to bring “the good news of salvation” to the world.

  • An association of the faithful, both men and women who strive to achieve
  • By observing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the example of St. Francis of Assisi
  • But in a manner suited to the life in the married or single state of life
  • Under the direction of the Capuchin Order
  • This they do according to the rule drawn up for them by St. Francis of Assisi and further as interpreted approved and confirmed by His Holiness Pope Paul VI.

Works of Apostolate :

  • Spiritual Self Renewal
  • Spiritual formation and renewal of one’s own family: Messengers of Joy and Hope.
  • Active Participation in Parish Ministries
  • Hospital Ministry – Visiting the Sick and giving them aid
  • Making efforts to heal discard whenever possible
  • A firm commitment to oppose , by peaceful means any type of exploitation, discrimination and indifference in relation to others: Messengers of Peace and Justice
  • Service to Poor and unfortunate

Illustrious members of the S.F.O.

  • Popes: Gregory IX; Blessed Gregory X; Martin V; Innocent XClement XII; St. Pius X; Pius XII; John XII;
  • Cardinals: St. Charles Borromeo; Manning; Vaughan.
  • Kings and Queens: St. Louis IX of France; St. Ferdinand of
  • Spain; St. Elizabeth of Portugal; St. Elizabeth of Hungary; St.
  • Don Bosco; St Jean Marie Vieany
  • Eminent Personages : Giotto; Raphael; Michelangelo; Dante;
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Business Men and Workers: Blessed Peter of Siena- a comb
  • manufacturer; Bl. Luchesio – a merchant ; Matt Talbot – a dock worker
  • Parents of Saints : The father and mother of St. Theresa; the
  • little flower; the mother of St. Maria Goretti.

“Pope Francis accepts the name after St. Francis of Assisi”


Fifteen Traits of A Healthy Family.

  • Loves peace and imparts peace
  • Listens and communicates
  • Develops Trust
  • Respects one Another
  • Affirms and Supports
  • Shares Responsibilities
  • Shares Leisure time
  • Respects Privacy
  • Fosters Table Time and Conversation
  • Teaches Right from Wrong
  • Values Service to Others
  • Has a balance of interaction
  • Has a shared religious Core
  • Admits to problems and seeks help
  • Places GOD above all

If you hear the voice of St. Francis do not delay.